Zespri Green c Price

Zespri Green c Price

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Zespri Green Kiwi Price

The green kiwi is a naturally occurring fruit

The skin is wrinkle-free, extremely thin, and edible

Similar to its more common sibling, the green variant of the kiwifruit features seeds that resemble jewels and a green interior

Due to its versatility, the green kiwi can be utilized in a variety of dishes, including fruit salads, snacks, smoothies, and more

Extremely high concentrations of vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as a vast array of other antioxidants, minerals, and fiber

As long as the green kiwis are cooked properly before being placed in the refrigerator, they can be stored for up to one month

The most flavorful green kiwis are those that have been left to ripen at room temperature and gained a modest degree of suppleness

 Zespri Green c Price

Zespri Green Kiwi Features

Contains seven percent of the Daily Value for Folic Acid
Copper, potassium, and magnesium each have RDIs of 15 percent, 4 percent, and 4 percent, respectively


Nutrition Value
Potassium, Copper, Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin E

Health Benefits
Help Immune System, Production of Collagen and Neurotransmitter

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Green, Yellow

100 grams of kiwifruit contains more than 80 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C

Vitamin C functions as a potent antioxidant and protects cells from oxidative damage within the body

It plays a role in the immune system and is required for the production of collagen and neurotransmitters

Moreover, kiwi fruit contains potassium, copper, vitamin K, folate, and vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient with antioxidant properties and a crucial role in maintaining healthy immunological function

 Zespri Green c Price

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 Zespri Green c Price

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The Answer to Two Questions About Green Kiwi

1: What are the properties of green kiwi?
Due to having many vitamins and minerals, it helps to strengthen the immune system

2: Is eating a lot of kiwi good?
Kiwi should not be eaten in large quantities per day due to its effect on the digestive system

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