Buy all kinds of Kiwi Fruit at the best price

Buy all kinds of Kiwi Fruit at the best price

As we know fruits play a significant role in human health

In this article, I want to speak about the import and export of kiwi and its biggest production in the world

But first of all, let me explain where kiwi comes from

Kiwi China’s exclusive fruit transferred to New Zealand in the early years of the 20th century

They named it kiwi just because of a pretty bird which is a New Zealand national bird

Kiwi is a nutritious fruit and about its nutrition fact need to say per one hundred grams of kiwi there is 61 kilocalorie of one gram of protein,15 gram of carbohydrate, 3
4 gram of fiber, and minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphor, iron, magnesium, manganese and some vitamins

Besides, it has benefited from a medical point of view

 Buy all kinds of Kiwi Fruit at the best price

These ingredients and benefits cause lots of demands all around the world so it has an especial place in the world market

The top producers of kiwi in the world are China, New Zealand, Italy and Greece, and Iran

The top exporter’s countries are in this order: New Zealand, Italy, Greece, Chile, and Belgium

Kiwi Consumption by Country

nowadays most cities in every country all around the world consume kiwi fruit

It’s issuing of exporting is something more than three billion dollars in the global market

In this paragraph, we want to check New Zealand’s producing and exporting of kiwi fruit in the last three decades

This country has exported more than 8
6 million tons from 1996 till now and has had an income of approximately 25
6 billion dollars

They broke the record in 2020 and have exported 2
7 billion dollars over the year

They consume 10 percent of their kiwi fruit; the rest would be exported

 Buy all kinds of Kiwi Fruit at the best price

Major New Zealand international customers are Europe, China, and Japan

Today New Zealand produces 3 types of kiwifruits: green, golden, and red

Most of kiwi production and exportation in New Zealand is done by the Zespri company

This company was established in 1997 and now is the biggest kiwi seller company in the world which sell its product in more than 50 countries

In early 1991 their exportation was an insignificant amount

At that time Australia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, France, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, and Japan were the first ten countries that import the most kiwis into the world

Kiwi Fruit Market

As kiwifruit has many benefits for us, so it has a special place in the market

But why do markets demand it? Since it has benefits for our skin and hair and for curing diseases

Kiwi fruit benefits are unique

it is small and soft fruit, but don’t let its size mislead you because this delicious fruit is fully nourishing like vitamins c, a, b6, calcium, iron, and magnesium which are crucial for health but do you know that kiwi is beneficial for our skin and hair too?

 Buy all kinds of Kiwi Fruit at the best price

Here are some of the kiwi fruit benefits:

Cardio health, since kiwi has lots of magnesium it could lower the risk of heart diseases

Lowering cholesterol and hypertension: kiwi has fiber which lowers cholesterol and potassium which helps adjust the blood pressure

Helps to control the blood sugar: minerals and fibers in kiwi fruit would help the blood sugar

Helps to absorb iron better: combining kiwi with foods that have so much iron could help the iron absorption

Constipation: as kiwi has fiber so it’s anti-constipation
Experts consider it a natural laxative

Fat burning: eating kiwi every day can activate the carnitine
This substance could help the procedure of transmuting fat to energy
Also, it makes you feel full and improve your digestion system

Skin Resurfacing: kiwi fruit is not only a delicious and nourishing fruit but also a natural material for skincare which contains nutrition like: vitamins C and E and anti-oxidants which is necessary for strengthening and resurfacing our skin
Drinking kiwi fruit juice regularly is effective in excreting toxins from the body thus, it causes clear and healthy skin

There are some side effects too

if you eat too many kiwi fruits you may face these problems such as:

Allergy: allergy to the kiwi could create some reaction in some persons
Usually, this allergy is with diarrhea, benign swelling, stomach ache, and mouth itching
It is probable in severe cases person suffers an allergic shock

Mouth inflammation: eating too many kiwi fruits duo too acidic nature would cause mouth inflammation

Diarrhea: whereas kiwi fruit has many fibers and is considered a laxative but eating too much of it may cause diarrhea

Drug interaction: ill people who use beta-blocker must avoid eating more than one kiwi in a day since they may take the potassium level to a dangerous point and may harm their kidneys


Kiwi fruit wars; golden fruit cause some concern between China and New Zealand Kiwi in supermarkets of New Zealand is considered as most valuable horticulture exportation

Recent fruit control struggles, leading to concerns in the relationship between China and New Zealand

Kiwi is an enormous trade for New Zealand

Zespri, a giant kiwi company in New Zealand has a 3
9 billion income

Sungold is the most valuable and new type of golden kiwi that saved the local industry from catastrophe

Zespri co immediately implement the registry and exclusive ownership in the world

Success in exporting golden Kiwi caused the New Zealand kiwi industry to be revived

This could be the golden end after years of struggle for Zespri co but in 2016, an unpleasant rumor was in the central office based on that sun gold is growing in China

Zespri co avoid doing an interview but announced that “searching a trading strategy and probably cooperating with Chinese industry is the best chance to obtain an efficient result” it is noted in this statement that” such a strategy is necessary for both sides

 Buy all kinds of Kiwi Fruit at the best price

It is hard to find fresh kiwi fruit in each season for over a year since it needs some facilities and equipment for storing and sending this product all around the world

Our company equipped to all facilities like refrigerated containers which allows us to send fresh kiwis with the best quality to most places in the world

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